Management Philosophy

By producing and selling quality building material products, we create better living environments, contribute to the development of society,and will become a strong, comprehensive building material manufacturer.

Since its foundation, Noda has consistently served as a material manufacturer for more than 110 years. Our products include printed plywood released in the 1960s, which was well reputed throughout Japan, NODA SIDING (the first hardboard exterior wall material in Japan), NODA LATH-CUT (laborsaving mortar substrate), and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which makes effective use of wood resources.

Even now, as a building material manufacturer, we produce MDF and plywood with Japanese cypress in-house, import south-sea lumber plywood and also produce plywood at Noda's subsidiary Ishinomaki Plywood Manufacturing.

Environmental consciousness in manufacturing is indispensable nowadays. Our response to the environment is a substantial challenge in Noda's manufacturing operation.
We are committed to manufacturing based on our accumulated technologies while being conscious of the environment.
To create better living environments, we are committed to improving the quality of sales and services besides manufacturing.

As there are many types of building material products having different characteristics, it is important to communicate well with customers to find out which products the customers should select; respond quickly when the customers have questions, anxiety or trouble; and above all treat the customers with respect. We are committed to improving the quality of our services, which we believe is crucial to our being selected by the customers.

We aim to help our customers in achieving improved living environments by pursuing the principle of providing better products less costly and faster in sales and services as well as manufacturing.


We abide by the following five principles, always in consideration of the company's social responsibility including compliance.