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Building Materials Division

The Building Materials Division manufactures and sells products that help create residential environments where everybody from children to elder people can live with peace of mind.
Much of the Department activity centers around BINOIE, which is a wood interior brand that provides the design and functions suited for the lifestyle of each customer and allows the total coordination of living space just as imagined.
In addition to BINOIE, we have other product series with various characteristics such as ART COUTURE, which allows elaborately designed interior, and SURA INDAH, which is a series of solid wood products containing health-conscious natural paint. Furthermore, we make a comprehensive offer with a group of housing products, such as wood flooring and inner wall members that can be coordinated with each series and LATH-CUT, which is a mortar substrate resistant to earthquakes and provides a wide range of options in the finishing design.
We also handle a wide range of lifestyle-dependent products that are needed in present-day houses, such as storage furniture effectively using dead space, products compatible with pets and reformable products.
We are active in the field of barrier-free and elderly-oriented products, which are required for attaining peace of mind in the super-aging society, and we are receiving high evaluation marks in this field from many customers.
We have six showrooms located at different cities in Japan, which are designed to allow the visitors to discover and feel the comfort of housing. We sincerely welcome your visit to any showroom to see and feel our products.

Image:Building Materials Division
Image:Building Materials Division
Image:Building Materials Division


  • Interior materials
    (flooring, inner wall member, fixture member, staircase, door and window frame, and entrance hall step)
  • Exterior materials (mortar substrate)
  • Home furnishings and fixtures
    (interior door, interior slide door, closet, opening member, entrance hall storage rack, storage equipment, etc.)


ISO9001 Certification
Registration No. JQA-QM6685 NODA CORPORATION
Building Materials Production Headquarter ※
ISO14001 Certification
Registration No. JQA-EM2922 NODA CORPORATION
Fujikawa Establishment
Registration No. JQA-EM5173 NODA CORPORATION
Shimizu Establishment

※"Building Materials Production Headquarte" administers production and import that
Building Materials Division sells.

Mark:ISO 9001

NODA CORPORATION Building Materials Production Headquarter

Manufacturing processed woody building materials, exterior substrate materials, home furnishings and fixtures.

Mark:ISO 14001

NODA CORPORATION Fujikawa Establishment

Manufacturing housing materials, processed woody building materials, inorganic building materials.

Mark:ISO 14001

NODA CORPORATION Shimizu Establishment

Manufacturing fiberboard, processed woody building materials, home furnishings and fixtures.

By Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)

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  • All over Japan

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