Message from Top Management

Noda pursues new possibilities to achieve ideal living environments.

What people seek consistently in modern living is truly comfortable housing.
We pursue not just a place to live but also the amenity space focusing on the life stage reflecting the personality of people living there. That is a need of people and an everlasting theme for us.
The required living environment is a coordinated space where amenity is created while maintaining overall harmony.

We have therefore established unique and versatile total coordination systems to create comfortable spaces that people require, have expanded our production base worldwide from Japan, and have developed a system to stably supply various products to customers who seek high-quality, genuine products.
At the same time we are committed to environmental preservation, which is an important challenge for a corporation.We are also strengthening our sales and services including guarantee, perfecting our function as a comprehensive building material manufacturer, and developing a system to contribute to society.

To create ideal living environments, we take it as our mission to supply superb building material products and will continue to face challenges fearlessly with our fresh and vigorous passion.

image:President and Representative Director:Shozo Noda
President and Representative Director:Shozo Noda
  • Environmental Effort