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1 Terms of Use

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4 Prohibited items

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  • Acts that may fall under any of the preceding items or acts similar thereto.
  • Other than the above, acts that the Company has deemed inappropriate.

5 Disclaimer

In the following cases, the Company may discontinue the provision of services, etc. through this website without prior notice to the users. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage resulting from such discontinuation.

  • When conducting a regular or emergency inspection, maintenance, or updates of hardware, software, etc.
  • When the services etc. of this website cannot be provided due to war, disturbance, riot, earthquake, fire, flood, eruption, power failure, or other causes.
  • When the Company otherwise determines that it is necessary to discontinue the provision of services etc. through this website due to operational, technical, or other reasons.

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6 Links

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〈 Terms and conditions of use for linking 〉

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  • The content and URL on this Website are subject to change or deletion without prior notice. The company will not be responsible for any problems or damage caused by links to this Website.
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    • Links from websites that include content that slanders or discredits the Company or its affiliates, their officers or employees, and their products, services, etc.
    • Links from websites that publish illegal or antisocial content (including content with the possibility of being deemed as such), or which are involved in or may be involved in illegal or antisocial activities (including activities with the possibility of being deemed as such).
    • Links from websites that include criminal activities, or acts that will or may lead to criminal activities.
    • Links from websites containing content that is or may be against public order and morals.
  • When the preceding paragraph applies, or when the Company deems that the use of the link is inappropriate, the Company may request the deletion of such links.
    Please agree in advance to comply with the request without objection if the Company requests the deletion of the link.

〈 Notes regarding links 〉

  • Websites that include links to this Website and websites with links from this Website (these websites are hereinafter referred to as “link destinations”) are independently managed and operated by each link destination. Please use websites at link destinations by following the terms and conditions of use of the link destination websites. The Company shall not be liable for any claims for compensation, complaints, or any other claims for damages arising from the content of link destination websites or the use thereof.
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