Message from top Management

I am honored to take office as the 6th-generation President and Representative Director of NODA CORPORATION in December 2018. I will do my utmost to serve this company well.

Over a Century Dedicated to Maturing Together with Lumber

Our company was founded in 1902 as Noda Lumber House. As the name suggests, we first forged our path stocking and selling lumber, but by the early 1930s we had advanced into the plywood business via the sawmilling and canning industries. Though exporting was the original focus of our plywood business, we fell in step with the changing times and turned towards domestic sales, developing printed plywood and other processed products in the process. At the same time, we launched our wood fiberboard business (hardboard, medium-density fiberboard), laying the cornerstone for what would become the company’s current directive. Moving on in answer to the needs of the new generation, we entered the field of building materials and began issuing processed products that made use of wood manufactured by our company. And now today, our current operations provide wooden building materials for housing. It is clear to see that, since our founding, our company has always walked a path that carries a deep connection to wood.

Making the Most Effective Use of Our Planet’s Limited Wood Resources

While on this path, we have incorporated a variety of wood, using not only domestic supplies but those from around the world as well. Yet on the other hand, we also realize the obvious reality that—though no one thought so in the beginning—wood is a finite resource in our world.Simply put, our company cannot exist without lumber. Seeking new techniques to make the most effective use of existing lumber, we incorporate mill ends produced by our company and various wood processing sites and wood from demolished buildings as the raw material for our wood fiberboards. Furthermore, we take only those wood scraps that can no longer be repurposed in any way and convert them into fuel to produce energy for the factories, in effect developing a system that wastes as little wood as possible.In Japan, trees that are already due to be felled have little use as lumber and are often left alone,causing the forests to lose their vitality. To combat this, we take proactive measures to use wood sourced in Japan while simultaneously promoting post-deforestation planting projects, creating a healthy cycle of regrowth for our forests.

Benefiting Society by Drawing Out the Charms of Wood

Japan and its people have been brought up surrounded by trees, and we love them. As a maker of wooden building materials for housing—the very roots of people’s everyday lives—our company is wholly committed to developing products that draw out the charms and unique characteristics of wood, allowing us to play our part in creating safe, comfortable, and enriching living spaces.Most people are caught up in their daily lives to the point that they’re not constantly concerned about the state of their current living space. That said, we hope that our housing materials bring us closer our customers—whether that be by providing structural integrity to protect them from natural disasters, offering barrier-free options to prevent small accidents in the home, or even just answering to their many interior décor needs.

Valuing the Feeling of Appreciation

Looking back, our company has met with many pitfalls in our long history. Regardless, we’ve been able to overcome them and arrive where we are today thanks to the efforts of our customers, our vendors, our clients and subcontractors, and of course our staff and their families. We feel in our hearts a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation towards all who have been involved in our company, and we hope to continue moving forward and contributing to this wonderful society.

President and Representative Director

Tsutomu Noda