Management philosophy and vision

Vision 2030 Bringing the comfort of wood from the home to all sorts of spaces

Since its foundation, for over 110 years, NODA has consistently aspired to be a company that can bring about even greater contributions to society.

Serving as a materials manufacturer, our products have included printed plywood released in the 1960s, which was favorably received in Japan; NODA Siding, the first hardboard exterior wall material in Japan; and NODA Lath-Cut, labor-saving mortar substrate.
Even now, as a manufacturer of building materials, we are leveraging the skills and know-how cultivated as a materials manufacturer for domestic in-house production of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), as well as plywood made with Japanese cypress. In addition, at NODA's subsidiary, Ishinomaki Plywood Manufacturing, we produce plywood made with Japanese pine.

In modern times, environmental consciousness in manufacturing is indispensable. Notably, in recent years, the use of wood materials has been expanding not only in residential spaces, but also in various other spaces, such as stores, offices, and lodging facilities, and public interest and the need for wood is increasing.
One of the major themes in the manufacturing of our products is for us to meet the needs of the non-residential sector, in addition to being environmentally friendly.
In order to create a better future through our contributions to the achievement of the SDGs, we will continue to be committed to efforts that keep the environment in mind, with the mission of taking the comfort of wood from the home, and bringing it to all sorts of spaces.

We will also further improve the quality of our sales services, in order to be the manufacturer of choice for our customers. As there are many different types of building material, we will respond swiftly and conscientiously to customer questions, concerns or problems, so we can communicate with our customers to decide which products they should select.

With “providing better products, at lower prices, and delivering them faster” serving as the foundation of our activities in both manufacturing and sales services, we will assist our customers in order to make the creation of comfortable spaces into a reality.

Management Policies, Management Strategy, Etc.

Vision 2030Taking the comfort of wood from the home, and bringing it to all sorts of spaces

The NODA Group has established the following management philosophy,
in order to continue being a business that develops
in a sustainable manner and makes contributions to society.

【Management philosophy and vision】

We aim to be a company that encourages individual growth by proactively taking on the challenge of creating value, and makes even greater contributions to society.

【Mission】The missions we should accomplish for society

・We will contribute to the creation of comfortable spaces by leveraging the benefits of wood
・We will contribute to a sustainable forest life cycle by using trees without wasting them

【Core Values】 Shared values for the realization of our philosophy

Mutualism, sincerity, and innovation (deepening, evolution, expansion, and renewal)


Management Strategy to Make the
Vision 2030 A Reality

  • We will concentrate on business areas that leverage the benefits of wood
  • We will strengthen both the financial and non-financial aspects of our management foundation
  • We will boost competitiveness in the value chain by expanding our scope to cover various spaces

Basic Stance for
Implementing Our Philosophy

  • We will promote the creation of shared value (CSV) that is linked with the SDGs
  • We will improve governance
  • We will build a corporate culture which encourages communication and taking on challenges
Environmental Efforts