Shareholder Return

Basic dividend policy

Our basic dividend policy is to ensure the stability of dividends while giving due consideration to performance and the balance between dividends and retained earnings, and to return profits to shareholders. Additionally, we plan to use internal reserves for reinforcement of the financial base and future business development.
The Company’s basic policy on the dividends of surplus is to issue dividends twice a year, one issue as an interim dividend and the other as a year-end issue. The Board of Directors determines the amount of the interim dividend, and the shareholders determine the year-end dividend at the annual general shareholders’ meeting.

Dividend payment

Dividend per share (yen) Dividend payout ratio (%)
Interim Year-end Annual

*This information includes dividends for the past 10 years.

Status of acquisition of own shares

Period of repurchase Total number of shares acquired (shares) Total amount acquired (yen)
October 18, 2022 229,500 282,285,000
February 26, 2016 510,800 182,866,400

*This is status of acquisition of own shares for the past 10 years.